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Sterling Silver Claddagh Necklace


A beautiful take on the beloved Irish symbol, this sterling silver Claddagh stone set is sure to attract attention. The traditional heart, crown and hands are looped into a dew drop shape while a pattern of vibrant green and beautiful clear cubic zirconia stones add sparkle and life to this necklace.
Loyalty, Love, and Friendship

The three aspects of the traditional Claddagh are an integral part to its continuing popularity. The crown represents the virtue of loyalty as it sits above the heart which symbolizes love. The two hands on either side depict the friendship which is necessary for any relationship.
A Brilliant Effect

This pendant represents a fun and updated twist on the old classic. The green and white stones add a touch of brilliance and a hint of that Irish heritage of the beloved symbol. But the true essence of the Claddagh still shines through in the crisp lines of the silver center. This is the perfect pendant for your beloveds birthday or anniversary to show her how much your relationship means to you.

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