Shamrock  Malachite/CZ necklace

Shamrock Malachite/CZ necklace

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The ShanOre collection is created and produced in Dublin, Ireland. With a careful eye, workers expertly produce handmade detailed jewelry. This expert work has been lauded with numerous awards from the North American Celtic Trade Association, which consists of retailers, vendors, manufacturers, distributors, and designers in North America, Ireland, and the UK. ShanOre is also a member of The Federation of Jewellery Manufacturers of Ireland, which ensures that their jewelry is ethically made and of high quality. 

ShanOre takes great care in crafting and designing their pieces and ensuring that the customer is satisfied with their work. It is no surprise that their efforts have earned loyal customers and awards, but that does not stop them from improving. They continue to create quality, show-stopping pieces for their valued customers.